Subtle Secrets to Helping Readers Find your Book on Amazon

These quick tips will help authors reach more readers on Amazon and cost nothing more than a small investment of time. Every author would appreciate a helping hand with the marketing of their book. The task of reaching new readers and having them read your latest release seems intimidating, right? Companies like Author Solutions make a[…]

Amazon Kindle Scout – helping new authors or continuing to exclude them?

Let’s have a quick look at a recent addition to the author’s arsenal Amazon’s Kindle Scout. Aimed at giving self-publishing authors access to the power of crowd-sourcing reader support. It seems to be a great tool for the new author, well as long as you don’t live in Africa.  The down-low Kindle Scout is a platform that[…]

How to open, read and review your eBook files before publishing online

This article is aimed at the curious author, who after having created (or received) their eBook wants to make sure the eBook gives the reader the best possible reading-experience.   How eBooks are made. Before we decide if an eBook is ready for your reader, we need to understand where they come from. There are[…]

Book Landing Pages As An Author Marketing Tool

hat is a (e)Book Landing Page, how does it help authors market their books and should you have one?   A Typical Scenario Picture the scenario, as an author at a networking event with people in your industry, the conversation turns to you and your latest published manuscript. You casually mention that your book has[…]

How to Manually Load MOBI, Word and PDF Files Onto Your Kindle (quickly and free)

I know you are busy, this will only take a second. Looking to understand how to send PDF, Word, or even MOBI files directly to your Kindle? This post will help you understand the easiest way, or your money back. To save you time we will ignore methods like connecting your Kindle device directly to[…]

Expert Interview with Devon Martindale / Audiobooks

Feeling like you have run out of readers? Has updating your eBook’s keyword and category choices in the Amazon KDP dashboard not yielded the influx of new readers you expected? What option does the frustrated author have to unlock a new reader-base? An audio generation There is a whole generation of readers consuming books whilst[…]

David Henderson on TedX

I almost didn’t list this interview on the blog. Disecting the latest innovations in our publishing industry is an easy article. I share the good and the bad and the reader decides if the topic discussed is their cup of tea. This interview however, recorded in studio by my friend Devon Martindale from Audioshelf has[…]

Amazon Adwords – What you Need to Know About Paying Amazon for Advertising

By paying Amazon to promote your book, it appears in new and highly visible locations on the Amazon website and not just the naturally occurring shop locations such as the category/ genre pages. Before we get started, is paying Amazon to promote your title really the right option for you? Let’s have a look…. The[…]

Will Amazon KDP publish a book written in your language?

This will be a short article helping self-published authors around the world understand if their book written in their unique home language will be accepted online. I will list the supported publishing languages of Amazon andSmashwords for those authors publishing an eBook and Createspace for those authors who still want to feel their book in[…]