How to Manually Load MOBI, Word and PDF Files Onto Your Kindle (quickly and free)

I know you are busy, this will only take a second. Looking to understand how to send PDF, Word, or even MOBI files directly to your Kindle? This post will help you understand the easiest way, or your money back. To save you time we will ignore methods like connecting your Kindle device directly to[…]

Expert Interview with Devon Martindale / Audiobooks

Feeling like you have run out of readers? Has updating your eBook’s keyword and category choices in the Amazon KDP dashboard not yielded the influx of new readers you expected? What option does the frustrated author have to unlock a new reader-base? An audio generation There is a whole generation of readers consuming books whilst[…]

David Henderson on TedX

I almost didn’t list this interview on the blog. Disecting the latest innovations in our publishing industry is an easy article. I share the good and the bad and the reader decides if the topic discussed is their cup of tea. This interview however, recorded in studio by my friend Devon Martindale from Audioshelf has[…]