May 10, 2016

OCR Scanning

OCR-03Using this service, we are able help authors by scanning in older (physical) books to popular digital formats using our Optical CharacterRecognition process. This means the author does not have to rewrite the whole book.


Did you know that you could use a computer to recognise text in pictures? This is just one example of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It has many other uses:

For example you might have a print edition of a book that you are unable to source a digital version of (perhaps you need a PDF, Word or HTML version). Using our OCR service, we can help you by scanning in the entire book (or portions of it) and converting it to the required digital format(s). This means that you do not have to rewrite or retype the whole book!

Our OCR scanning service offers a highly affordable solution for digitising and converting your old library of books into editable and searchable digital formats. Aside from providing you with a digital compact backup of your physical books, this will enable you to extract, translate and analyse data across your entire library of hard-copy novels and other books.

We are able to scan a variety of book sizes and produce your choice of digital formats as output. We also accept digital images for the OCR process; if, for example, you only have scanned images of your book pages available, we would be able to extract the text from these into an editable format. We support a wide range of languages, meaning that owners or authors of Afrikaans or Zulu literature are more than welcome to use our OCR scanning service.