March 17, 2016


EditingWe offer a professional editing and proofreading service to ensure that your manuscript is in perfect order and ready for international publication. This service is recommended not just for first-time authors but also for authors who are confident in their skills, and simply need someone to point out any oversights.


Looks at grammar, spelling, problems with syntax, capitalisation, word choices, missed words, sentence structure, paragraph lengths, and any glaring errors in content. This is recommended when you are short on time or budget.


Is a rather more detailed check, carefully evaluating each element such as structure, content, internal logic, language, plot, theme, sub-plot, characters and dialogue, and suitability for the intended audience. An editor tries to remedy issues with tone, clarity, clumsy wording, repetition, passive voice, factual errors, ethical implications, contradictions and discrepancies.

Note that a copy edit is a lighter version of editing, while a substantive edit usually involves some research, with polishing and rewriting of text.


  • Proof reading (fiction) R0.20 per word
  • Proof reading (non-fiction) R0.25 per word
  • Copy edit R0.40 per word
  • Substantive edit R0.50 per word
  • English and Afrikaans translation R0.60 per word
  • Professional editing of manuscript
    *Depending on the level of intervention you request, your manuscript (MS) will be critically reviewed and a detailed report will be provided on the relevant aspects.
    ** Please note that this is a general guideline only and each manuscript is quoted on separately dependent on it’s genre and your writing style


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