March 9, 2016


My eBook is a South African initiative aimed at helping authors increase their exposure and authority by publishing eBooks online.

Are you an author, business owner or have written content that you need to be shared world-wide for a small input cost. Getting an eBook published is a fantastic way to increase your exposure and establish your credibility. Unfortunately, it is traditionally a difficult and expensive process, where you must trade your intellectual property for ever-decreasing royalties from the publishers who deign to find your material worthy.

More and more authors are asking themselves:

  • Do I have to go through a large publishing house?
  • Does the public still prefer glossy hard copy books above all else?
  • Will paying the high price associated with hard copies really add any value to my message?

As you realise that the answer is NO, you begin asking: What are the alternatives? That is where we step in to offer our advice.


My eBook is a digital publishing company. We specialise in the technical trade of eBook conversion, including the publishing and marketing of eBooks. We formed out of the need to give independent local authors the opportunity to self-publish books in a digital format. Our pride is in our passion, expertise and strong level of customer service.


We offer a bouquet of Digital Publishing Services which include:

  • Digital publishing consultation services
  • Editing and proofreading of manuscripts
  • Typesetting and OCR scanning
  • Professional cover design for eBooks and PoD
  • Conversion of manuscript into the most popular eBook formats
  • Distribution of eBooks through Amazon, Apple and other stores
  • Publishing PoD eBooks through Createspace
  • Creating websites for eBooks and authors and offering an Author Media Starter Kit


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