March 18, 2016

Audio Books

Audiobook-03Audiobooks are gaining popularity and fast becoming a commonly used medium of education and entertainment. The target market is constantly expanding, with both younger and older listeners enjoying the benefits of the audio format. The evolution of digital technology and related online platforms is making audiobooks more and more accessible, and at an increasingly affordable rate.

Audiobooks combine pools of talent from different industries, bringing talented voice artists, actors, producers and audio engineers together to create the finished product. We use trained actors to voice your book, who have had years of experience in theatrical productions.


We would need to see your manuscript, make sure to include a synopsis and the length of your book in words (word count). We will then suggest which voice artist would be best suited to voicing your book (we do not recommend authors read their own books). Once you’re happy with your voice artist, we’ll record your book in its entirety in our sound studio based in Cape Town. We will send you sections of audio for you to sign-off on and we’ll keep you constantly updated during the production process.

You get high quality Mp3 audio files, usually separated by the chapters of your book. Most devices today are capable of playing Mp3 audio files but we can deliver the audio in a variety of formats to suit your requirements.



We charge per 10 000 words, which equals approximately one hour of finished audio, we quote individually on each book depending on which voice artist you have chosen, sound effects and length of your book.


Once your audiobook has been completed and is sounding fantastic, you’re going to want to sell it. If you want us to help sell your audiobook, we can distribute it to the following retailers:

  • Audioshelf
  • Ambling Books
  • Talking Bookz

* We aim to deliver 10 000 words of finished audio every two weeks for you to sign-off


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