March 17, 2016


MyeBook TypesttingOur typesetting service takes care of all the interior formatting needed to make your book look professional. During the typesetting process, our team takes care of all the manuscript layout issues, making sure the front-matter, contents and back-matter all appear in the right places and conform to printing best practices.

That means print-ready, web-ready, Kindle-ready – the whole shebang.

We also generate essential interior elements, such as title pages, copyright pages, contents pages, etc. Should you need help with a cover, foreword, index, list of your other titles, and so on etc, we can help with those too.

We work with MS-Word and Adobe InDesign file formats, which means that our files are usable by all printers and ebook formats.


We will quote each project individually, considering your design needs, be they graphics, photographs or other elements you may require.
You will need to supply us with either a Word (doc), Adobe Indesign or other word processor file, no PDF’s accepted.
You will receive a formatted ebook and print book
5 – 7 Days (first draft)
7 – 14 Days for complex typesetting (first draft)

  • Up to 15 000 words = R2399
  • Up to 25 000 words = R2799
  • Up to 40 000 words = R3499
  • Up to 60 000 words = R4699
  • Up to 85 000 words = R5499
  • Up to 130 000 words = R6699

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