How to Manually Load MOBI, Word and PDF Files Onto Your Kindle (quickly and free)

I know you are busy, this will only take a second. Looking to understand how to send PDF, Word, or even MOBI files directly to your Kindle? This post will help you understand the easiest way, or your money back.

To save you time we will ignore methods like connecting your Kindle device directly to your PC through USB. We will also skip past the fancy new Send to Kindle software for PC that seamlessly integrates into your Windows environment to help you send all sorts of things to your Kindle device.

I wouldn’t use these methods, they just take too damn long.

Email the files to your unique Kindle-linked email address

The fastest way to manually send any file to your Kindle (called side-loading) is to email the file to an email address that Amazon has automatically generated for you. (The email should not have a subject line.)

Easy right? Email the file and a few minutes later it pops up on your Kindle. It goes without saying that your Kindle will need internet access to sync the files you are emailing.

Every Kindle will have a unique email address linked to the device. Email anything to that specific address and Amazon knows exactly where it must end up. So how do you find out what your unique Kindle email address is?

Before you ask, yes you can also edit the email address that Amazon auto-generates for you.
My default Kindle-Linked email was something like
Navigating to my device dashboard I changed the email to something I could easily remember –

Great, where do I start?

Wondering how you find out what your unique Kindle email address is? Type into your browser to be taken to the Amazon device dashboard. For those curious readers the MYK in the URL stands forManage Your Kindle.


how to sideload to your kindle 1


Now before I send you on your merry way, I want to clarify a few things and then share some tips.

The process

Step 1: The first step is to find out what your pre-assigned email address is. Navigate to the manage your device dashboard, you will need to switch the tab to “Your Devices”, click. (see image above)

Step 2: The second step is authorizing your email address that Amazon will accept files from. That’s right, if you do not preauthorise the email address you are sending the files from they will be ignored. The list of authorised emails is found around half-way down the “Settings” tab. (See image above)


how to sideload to your kindle 2


What type of files am I allowed to send to my Kindle?

Here is the official list of files that you can email to your Kindle device.

  1. Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX)
  2. HTML (.HTML, .HTM)
  3. RTF (.RTF)
  4. Text (.TXT)
  5. JPEG (.JPEG, .JPG)
  6. Kindle Format (.MOBI, .AZW)
  7. GIF (.GIF)
  8. PNG (.PNG)
  9. BMP (.BMP)
  10.  PDF (.PDF)

Tip for adding multiple email address quickly

You will see I added an entry for, this means any email from an address ending in will be accepted. It was much quicker than adding each email address manually.

Tip to auto convert files you email into a MOBI format

Emailing a Word or PDF to your Amazon Kindle and want to try and automatically convert it to the MOBI format? Add the subject line of “convert” the email you send.

What happens if you want to side-load an EPUB file?

Your Kindle for obvious reasons wont read the ePUB file by default. If you have an ePUB file you want to read on the Kindle and don’t mind getting your hands dirty you can first attempt converting the ePUB file to the MOBI format using the free software Calibre. Then email the resultant MOBI file to your Kindle.

Read more on the Kindle Personal Document Service.

Ps. Well, I managed to squeeze all the advice into less than 660 words, did it help you? Let me know.
PPs. Wondering how to load your ePUB eBook file on your iPAD?

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