Expert Interview with Devon Martindale / Audiobooks

Feeling like you have run out of readers? Has updating your eBook’s keyword and category choices in the Amazon KDP dashboard not yielded the influx of new readers you expected? What option does the frustrated author have to unlock a new reader-base?

An audio generation

There is a whole generation of readers consuming books whilst never actually reading a page. These “readers” do not have to fit the youngster stereotype. Imagine the businessman who, during his daily commute to the office listens to his favorite read, leaving him free to drive. What about the exercise-nut who loves listening to Mills & Boon using her iPod whilst jogging the paved-pathways of her neighborhood. (I fit one of these examples, guess which one…)

How does an author gain access to these listeners?

In this YouTube audio-interview we chat with with Devon Martindale, the founder of audiobook production company Audioshelf.

We ask and answer questions that many self-publishing authors might have such as:

  • What option do our African authors have when wanting to record, release and distribute an audiobook?
  • Mistakes that authors looking to have their book recorded commonly make.
  • What are the best platforms available to authors needing to publish their audiobook online?
  • Should authors record their book themselves?

I really hope you enjoy the audio interview. If you like the interview, let me know by posting a comment either on this article or on YouTube. I would love to post more of these helpful chats with industry experts.



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