May 5, 2016


Angus Douglas

Angus Douglas is one of Johannesburg’s leading corporate writers. He specialises in taking complex, industry-specific text – be it economics, finance, banking or engineering – and making it accessible to a broader audience. He has worked with the country’s major organisations, and written speeches for notable captains of industry. Angus has been involved in theatre as an actor, writer, director and teacher for 25 years. Over the past 15 years he has partnered with Tim Sandham in writing and producing numerous productions, mainly dealing with the life and works of Herman Charles Bosman. As an expert on Herman Charles Bosman, Angus is regularly invited to speak at The Bosman Festival in Groot Marico. His most recent talk, Jan Smuts and the Soul of the White African, deals both with Bosman and with the mixed historical legacy of the world statesman Jan Smuts. Angus and Tim recently teamed up with famous voice-over artist Malcolm Gooding for Malcolm’s debut theatre performance in Going Gooding. The show received a great response from critics and audiences alike. Angus is currently working with Tim and Malcolm to produce an audio-book called Going Gooding. As a speaker and writer Angus is dedicated to bringing a fresh perspective to South Africa’s conflicted past, and developing a new narrative that all South Africans can feel proud of. He also offers a values perspective in solving organisational challenges. The values paradigm offers a fresh outlook on how individuals, and groups, experience and express their life journey. There is a huge body of evidence that shows how human consciousness evolves – from egocentric to ethnocentric, from ethnocentric to world-centric. It’s Angus’s mission to help leaders broaden their philosophical perspective, and learn new and empowering ways of framing challenges.

Bernice Fischer

Bernice grew up reading all sorts of books and believes that the best stories happen in books as they so rarely happen in real life, for they allow you to enter a world of fantasy and imagination needed to survive the reality of today. Bernice likes to laugh, and hopes that her readers enjoy a good breeze of humour, for her books are written with an impish, yet barely-suppressed humour that peeks out at odd moments. Finding voices for her book’s characters is one of the most inspiring events Bernice experiences as a writer. She believes that the magic of dialogue can sweep readers away from their everyday lives, transporting them through time and space to a kingdom she has created.

Bill Jones

I am of South African origin and a published American Author, and have written three fictional novels over the last three years, two of which were released during 2013, with three new books, one of which is the biography KEEP IT COUNTRY, about the life and times of 'Big Daddy' Lance James South Africa's internationally renowned singing legend. Swiss author Marlene Jeanrenaud' s charming novel The THRILL of AFRICA and the other a nail biting adult psychopathic thriller SILENT CONSEQUENCE, available on this site. As a Producer, Director, Writer and published stills photographer, I have extensive experience in corporate advertising as well as mainstream copywriting and long form narrative. I was Director of Television for the New York based Grey Advertising Group (Grey Phillips South Africa) for 10 years and was responsible for the production of literally hundreds of corporate commercials, receiving a Hollywood Television award for the world's best television commercial of that year, for an internationally acclaimed holiday resort. With the launch of South African radio station Radio 702, I wrote and presented the popular satirical comedy series 'The Bill Jones Show.' More recently writing, producing and directing the ambitious and daring stunt event with Sir Richard Branson for the launch of Virgin Money, which took place in Johannesburg South Africa. Bringing 40 years experiences to the table....I know and understand the business!

Carl de Wet

Carl de Wet was twelve years old when the early “positive thinking” teachers first reached momentum. Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was a hit and Carl was fascinated by their teachings. That’s when he started his own search. Carl completed his B Com at University of Natal, South Africa in 1982 which led to a B Com Honours. His thirst for a solution for what drives success was still there and in his search for a solution, Carl further earned an Honours Degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of South Africa in 1998. He later earned certification as an NLP Master practitioner, and attended the TM Sidhi program and several meditation programs. Carl pursued a few years of Jungian Therapy with Barry Greenwood in Johannesburg. The readings of Osho and Eckhart Tolle were also a great inspiration, especially when faced with various challenges in career, marriage and family life. Later on, the Emotional Freedom Technique (“Tapping”) and became very beneficial. As a veteran athlete Carl remains competitive, but realized one morning that he was not giving his swimming pool training his best, because he lacked emotional energy. That’s when Carl discovered that we are so focused on time management to reach our dreams, while at the same time we live in exhaustion as work, family and social commitments pull us in every direction. We want to spend time with our children before they grow up and it is too late. We want quality time to read and pursue hobbies. He posed the question: “What is more limiting: Clock Time or Emotional Time?” Carl lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with his wife and three children. For more information visit Carl’s blog at

Chris Du Toit

Chris graduated at the University of the Orange Free State, did a Higher Education Diploma at the University of Pretoria and taught English and Afrikaans for ten years at Pretoria Boys High School. A British Council scholarship took him to the University of North Wales, Bangor where he gained a Diploma in Linguistics. He returned to South Africa, did a BA Honours in English and lectured for a while at the University of Pretoria. On and off during all this he wrote, directed and starred in numerous soap operas and films. He wrote and directed Elsa se Geheim, starring Anna Neethling-Pohl and an excellent cast of South African actors. He has also written a children's book, 'Madiba, the story of Nelson Mandela' (Actua Press) which is in its 7th print. The book has been approved by the Department of Education for use in schools. Chris reads a lot, solves four crossword puzzles a day and plays reasonable bridge and Scrabble (JAB). He listens to classical music and goes to Cinema Nouveau. He does a workout in the gym once or twice a week, loves swimming in the sea and struggles into a full lotus every day. It is then when he tries to think positive thoughts while breathing slowly and deeply. Let everything be as it is. Accept who you are. (Not easy) The only time you have to experience life is now, so don't live in the past or in the future. Let everything be as it is. But he doesn't sleep very well and sometimes has nightmares about the terrible things that happen all over the world. Some People.... is his first 'major 'literary' novel.

Chrissi Maria

Chrissi Maria has written three books as well as numerous magazine articles focusing mainly on the construction industry, as well as many human interest articles featuring South Africans from all walks of life. In addition to ghostwriting she also undertakes a large variety of copy writing projects for corporate clients and agencies. Chrissi was born in Germany, raised in South Africa and has lived and worked in Europe, before settling down in South Africa again. She loves to travel and is fascinated by people and their stories.

Darren August

Darren August is the Founder and CEO of Dazz Consulting – A dynamic training organisation committed to seeing people thrive and succeed. He is a Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Radio Host & former Lecturer. He is passionate about Life; People and Education and believes in maximizing every opportunity to impact the lives of others.

Denis Smit

Denis Smit, who is based in Johannesburg, is the Managing Director of one of South Africa’s leading ICT advisory and consulting firms. He is a dedicated family-man who enjoys listening to music and keeping in touch with the latest tech trends. He is also an avid amateur photographer, having won awards for his wildlife shots and was once a serious amateur cyclist. In 1991, at the age of 32, Denis started experiencing pain in his neck. He attributed it to a tough work schedule, and sought relief through physiotherapy and other non-invasive methods. But when the pain started to overwhelm his life Denis sought help from the experts. In 1993 a neck neurosurgeon recommended fusing vertebrae in the neck. Thus began Denis’s epic medical odyssey. In his desperation to end the pain he sought every possible cure. His search was not limited to conventional medicine, and also included a wide array of natural and alternative cures. As things got worse, so Denis’s choices became starker. One of his options was a cingulectomy – a type of lobotomy that would dull his emotions so he would not care about the pain. After more than ten years of battling constant pain Denis became dependent on opiate-based medicines. In 2003, while in rehab, he read Lance Armstrong’s autobiography It’s Not About the Bike. Armstrong’s story of surviving cancer helped Denis come to terms with his new identity: chronic pain survivor. With this shift in attitude Denis re-appraised his situation from a “higher-order mind perspective”. With the heart to live, and the intellect to work out the practical steps in how to go about living, Denis began to piece his life back together. What followed was a slow journey towards recovery and wholeness. In 2010 Denis felt the need to share his story with a wider audience. After completing a rough manuscript of Pain Beyond Belief he teamed up with a professional writer, Angus Douglas, to publish a book that is an important resource for families dealing with chronic illness. Denis still has “more bad days than good day”, but he has discovered that suffering can be transformational and that in spite of our challenges we are called to choose life and to choose love. This is something Denis has done with courage and grace.

Derek Abdinor

Derek was born in Johannesburg and is surprised to find himself still living there. He put off going to University by a series of misadventures, one of which was backpacking through Europe. Taking this overly literally resulted in staying in the house of a smuggler, sleeping rough in cities and forests and taking on dangerous jobs – all of which informed this book. Later on his journalism career was saved by the Internet and he is now a publisher at a large media house.

Fanie Briel

Fanie Briel is a PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and LEADERSHIP STRATEGIST, and as an author and public speaker, he's also the Founder and CEO of Fanie Briel International, which is dedicated to elevating people in their personal and professional lives. He is also the President and Founder of a very successful and growing Church in Pretoria, South Africa ( He has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to the 'people industry' and served in various Leadership roles from a young age. He Motivates and equip audiences from all walks of life to create and achieve their highest ideals while focusing the majority of his teachings on CREATIVE LIVING. As a dedicated learner he is also a Certified Life Coach, with an honors degree in Theology, a Masters degree in Leadership as well as a Doctorate.He has had periodic appearances on Television programs like TBN and Top TV, South Africa.

Father Johan Strydom

Fr Johan was born on 9th August 1953 in Pretoria. There he grew up as an Afrikaans and Dutch Reformed child going to Afrikaans schools. His parents divorced when he was 8 years old. In 1967 his mother, sister, and himself emigrated to Zimbabwe and so he attended Churchill High School in Harare which was English medium. After completing A Level he obtained a Social Science Honours degree at the University of Rhodesia as it was called then. Having become a Catholic in 1969 while in High School, he gradually discerned the call to the priesthood, and ultimately returned to Pretoria and began studying for the priesthood at St John Vianney Seminary for the Archdiocese of Pretoria in 1976. He obtained his Honours theological degree at St John Vianney: Bachelor of Sacred Theology issued through the Pontifical Urban University Rome, and an Honours degree in Psychology through Unisa. He was ordained to the priesthood in Pretoria on 28 November 1981. After serving in several parishes he obtained a Masters Degree in Formative Spirituality at the Catholic University of Duquesne in Pittsburgh, USA. He taught psychology and spirituality at St John Vianney Seminary part-time and full time at St Peter's Seminary Hammanskraal for 2 years, and then part time as he was appointed parish priest of Christ the King parish in Queenswood Pretoria in 1990. He was lecturing part time then at St Peter's Seminary in Hammanskraal and then in Garsfontein when it moved there. He has done work on radio and television. In 2005 he was appointed parish priest of St Christopher parish in Plettenberg Bay in the Diocese of Oudtshoorn. In 2012 he took up his present position as parish priest of SS Peter and Paul in George, the heart of the Garden Route.

Gilan Gork

Gilan Gork is an internationally acclaimed mentalist who regularly features on prime-time TV shows as well as in media interviews and press articles. With more than eighteen year's professional experience, Gilan has been dubbed the Master of Influence. Gilan's live mentalism shows look impressively psychic in nature! However, he never claims any supernatural powers -- everything he does is achieved through a shrewd combination of psychology, sleight of mind and other skills he has spent a lifetime developing. Gilan is in great demand as a corporate speaker and trainer. He shows business people that being able to read and influence people is the key to success in leadership, sales, negotiation and other business contexts.

Howard Rybko

Howard Rybko was born in Johannesburg South Africa in 1956. He graduated as an MD from the University Of Witwatersrand Medical School in 1981. He then worked in research for the defence force and then went into private medical practice, specializing in diet and weight management. Sometime in the late 80's he started working with medical software. He has been involved in sports nutrition and performance since 1992, specializing in cycling, a sport he continues to be actively involved in.

Jacqueline Falcomer

Jacqueline was born at Mariannhill Hospital, Natal South Africa on 31st May, 1957 but grew up between Johannesburg and Durban. Thereafter she lived in the UK and the USA - twice and dreams of returning perhaps one day ... For the last decade she has lived in a small hilltop house with a splendid view of the sea, in Tuscany, Italy. She travels mainly to visit family and friends and scout out new places likely to feature in future books. Forget Me Not is located in Mexico, USA, Spain, UK, Morocco and Italy. The second book in the trilogy of memories, Remember Death is set primarily in Saltzburg, Austria and is scheduled for release in January 2016.

Jacqueline Francis

Number cruncher by day, raging romance novelist by night; Jacqueline's creative inspiration stems from romance and all its literary and rom-com depictions. She resides in sunny South Africa with her husband and energetic daughter. Matters of the heart are what fascinates this fiery Aries scribe, because ultimately, what makes a life out of - what would ordinarily be a typical existence - is Love

James Forson

James grew up in Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa. His early work experience was in Southern Africa in the mining, steel, pharmaceutical and banking industries. He is slowly adjusting to a life of penury as a writer.

Jennifer Withers

Jennifer Withers has been writing since she was seven years old, banging out stories about dragons and damsels in distress on an ancient typewriter. She went on to earn a BA in English Studies at the University of Pretoria. Since then, she has taken writing courses through Writer’s Write, and Allaboutwriting. Jennifer lives in Pretoria, with her husband, two dogs, and a cat. The War Between is her first novel.

Jerome Gardner

Jerome Gardner is an organisational psychologist, management and leadership development consultant and executive coach. He worked as a HR director for Pep Stores and went on to become CEO of the Zimbabwe retail chain Power Sales, part of the Pepkor group, from 1997 to 2012.

Jimmy Henderson

immy has an Honours degree in Philosophy (metaphysics), a post-graduate certificate in Trauma Counselling and a Master’s’ degree in Psychology from the University of South Africa. He is a specialist in human thinking and behaviour and is now self-employed as a chartered practitioner in Organisational Development, specialising in people and change management. He offers his consultancy services to companies which wish to improve worker motivation, performance, quality and client service. Jimmy has studied mind and spirit for over thirty years as a member of the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) and is the published author of a number of books and many articles on emotional, mental and spiritual self-improvement . He and has spoken many times on local SA radio stations as a guest speaker on his books, as well as emotional/psychological issues, parenting and relationships. In his books and articles he combines psychological research with metaphysics and spirituality and it is this grounding that makes them unique.

Joan De La Haye

Joan De La Haye writes horror and some very twisted thrillers. She invariably wakes up in the middle of the night, because she's figured out yet another freaky way to mess with her already screwed up characters. Joan is interested in some seriously weird stuff. That's probably also one of the reasons she writes horror. Joan is deep, dark and seriously twisted and so is her writing.

John Cardinelli

John Cardinelli was educated in Kwa-Zulu Natal and has worked and traveled extensively in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. An Ultra marathon and fitness enthusiast, he also enjoys hiking trails and long walks of any kind. Now based in Johannesburg, he has been a Coach in Health & Wellness and Lifestyle Management for 30 years.

Jonathan Ball Publishers

Jonathan Ball Publishers was started in 1976 and is the leading publisher and distributor of English general books in South Africa. They specialise in South African history, politics and current affairs and also publish some fiction. They also act as agents for British and American publishers, marketing and distributing books on their behalf in southern Africa. Among the many and varied titles distributed in South Africa by JB are the Harry Potter series, probably the biggest success story ever in the field of children's literature. They are also the sole distributors of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, and C.S. Lewis' popular stories in The Chronicles of Narnia series. Jonathan Ball Publishers have won the Sunday Times Alan Paton Award on eight occasions with The Dead will Arise by Jeff Peires, The Scramble for Africa by Thomas Pakenham, Mandela by Anthony Sampson, The Seed is Mine by Charles van Onselen, Mouthful of Glass by Henk van Woerden and Thabo Mbeki: The Dream Deferred by Mark Gevisser. Jonny Steinberg is the only author to have won the prize twice for Midlands in 2003 and for The Number in 2005.

Keenan Paulsen

Keenan Paulsen, branded "the voice to listen to," is a new and refreshing addition to the talent pool of South African professional speakers. With expertise in performance enhancement coaching, leadership, character and attitude development, Keenan has established himself as a leading authority and keynote speaker on personal coaching and mind-set transformation with a particular focus on youth and sport personalities. Apart from Paulsen's exemplary talent on the greens, it is his equally on par, charisma and uncanny ability for speaking and engaging with audiences that motivated him most to invest in his personal brand as a keynote speaker, landing him speaking engagements with major brands, The Baby Expo and Standard Bank. He continues to inspire, motivate and assist people in realising their true potential more now than ever after recently completing his first book titled, 'How to Win Before You Begin.' In the remarkably simple yet powerful read, Paulsen chronicles what exactly it takes to condition the inner athlete to attain the ideal state of self-realisation by committing to win. A commitment to win that Paulsen has made for himself, is to never stop learning and to never stop giving back. He strongly advocates for social change within needy communities and by partnering with a Johannesburg non profit organisation has been able to contribute extensively of his time and expertise (through motivation sessions) to ensure that he plays a part in enriching the lives of others.

Kevin Taylor

Kevin matriculated from Maritzburg College in 1964 and worked in the corporate environment for several years. He started his own business in 1972. In 1990 he sold his last remaining shares and acted as a consultant to the company. Kevin started writing about ten years ago and has completed two novels, which are yet to be published. He has completed the three Dlameni & Jones books and has the basic outlines of three more. Kevin and his wife currently reside in Hillcrest, KZN and plan to move to Knysna in the latter part of 2016.

Linda Ande Yende

Linda Ande Yende is often mistaken for a much younger person and sometimes, even mistaken for a female. Not only because of his unisex name (Linda is a male name in Zulu) or has a youthful appearance (which he doesn't really), but because he has a keen understanding of the female species and also because of his easy going and often humorous approach to life. He is a father, a lover, a brother, a friend and an agony uncle to many who have fondly dubbed him " Uncle L". Although his advice is very serious and on point, he gives it with an energy and a passion unlike any other and will often, in a tongue in cheek manner, make you laugh at how absurd you are for not having realized the error of your ways.

Lize Jacobs

Lize Jacobs was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, where she still resides. Although this is her first publication, she has been writing since she could remember, not knowing that being a writer was who she truly was. She has worked in the video industry for many years; Producing, Directing, Filming, Editing, and Script writing. But her love for film has allowed her to Produce, Direct and Write several acclaimed short films over the years. Privileged enough to have been able to travel overseas, to places like Alaska, Mexico, Tuscany, Munich, Paris and several African Countries, she has discovered a love for other cultures and the stories hidden in foreign locations. She is passionate about the diversity and influence of dialogue and celebrates the art of story-telling across all genres. Her aim is to keep publishing and write film scripts, telling stories which can linger in a person’s souls for a little while, hopefully bringing some joy.

Logogog Publishing

Logogog offers you a range of services including publishing, publicity, event management services, project management, editing and proof reading. Yet the common denominator remains our use of words for maximum effect. Established in the pursuit of prose with a purpose, Logogog can help you make every word count.Logogog offers you a range of services including publishing, publicity, event management services, project management, editing and proof reading. Yet the common denominator remains our use of words for maximum effect. Established in the pursuit of prose with a purpose, Logogog can help you make every word count.

Lunga Ntuli

Lunga is a peak performance coach, speaker, community activist, sports writer, entrepreneur and an author. He holds a national diploma in Sports management from Durban University of Technogy and a certificate in Sport Psychology from UNISA. His hard work and never give up attitude has opened many doors for him. Today at 25 years of age Lunga is a member of the Advisory Board at the DUT Sport management Department. Furthermore he also holds a soccer instructors qualification from YDF.

Lyn Pickering

The civil war in Lebanon and the invasion by Israel impacted me greatly as I had left Lebanon only a short time before everything began to unravel. My brother and I hitchhiked from London to Beirut in the early '70's and fell instantly in love with the Middle East. Lebanon is an amazing country; dramatic, beautiful, and rich in history. At that time tourism was not at a great height - at least not in the mountain areas where we lived, and the people were warm and hospitable. We stayed in an ancient house that clung to the hillside in a village called Shimlan, below us were silver/green olive groves and, way beyond, Beirut lay like pink coral with one arm reaching out in the Mediterranean Sea. I left the Middle East behind reluctantly, made a bit of money waitressing in London and traveled back to South Africa by Land Rover as chief cook and bottle-washer with a group of guys. At this stage, I was writing only poetry and a shaky travelogue dictated by the rough terrain. My first novel was called The Single Leaf, from a poem by the Lebanese writer, Khalil Gibran. I was saddened by the civil war, and this book was drawn out of a deep sense of impotence as I watched from a distance, a land engaged in a death struggle. This was still the days of typewriters and my final draft, when completed, was sent without making a copy, to publisher in Lebanon. It was never heard of again. I had earlier copies which I buried in a bottom drawer and left there along with my dreams of a writing career. No writer can be buried forever and I began work on Opus Dei a few years later. Nimrod Twice Born developed in parallel, the two books taking more than 30 years to the point of publication. My understanding of the strange twists and turns of world events was developing as I researched the books and every triumphant "finish" was met with the realisation that there was still more to be revealed. What began as a simple story, in the case of Opus Dei, became something darker and more sinister - a battle of the gods, with only one possible outcome.

Michael Cooper

Michael Cooper has a very varied past. He has worked as a missionary, IT specialist, trainer and project manager. For the last 10 years he has focused on executive coaching. He works with leaders in South Africa in many large companies to increase their performance and efficiencies while becoming more well rounded and fulfilled. His research into sport and how executive coaching methods and philosophies could be applied there,have made him very desirable as coach, speaker and facilitator for many business and sports teams. He has worked across diverse sports not only with most of South Africa's national teams but also with many international sports teams trying to achieve excellence. He lives with his wife and two teenage daughters in Pretoria in South Africa.

Morongwa Makakane

With a township and then university education, Morongwa Makakane made and lost millions in the mid-2000s. At first in despair, Makakane soon realised she was stronger than she first thought. She too responsibility, paid back her debt of R1.2 million and is now passionate about following her dream of teaching and inspiring others like her to succeed and achieve their potential. She has a weekly entrepreneurship slot on Radio 2000.

Nhlanhla Msibi

Nhlanhla S. Msibi, the father to two teenage daughters, was born and bred in Swaziland on August 14, 1970. After primary school at St Marks in Mbabane (1982), he went to Salesian Boys High (1983-1984), a Catholic school in Manzini and soon after that, Waterford Kamhlaba College (United World Colleges (UWC): 1985-1987), where he completed his high school education. Like many, Msibi left Swaziland in 1990 for South Africa, working his way up from Department Manager (Makro, Woolworths), to Account Director (TBWA Hunt Lascaris), Group Account Director (Ogilvy South Africa), Business Director (The Agency, McCann South Africa) and finally, Corporate Strategist at the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA). The Delayed Revolution: Swaziland in the Twenty First Century is Msibi's first book but by no means his last. He lives in Midrand, Johannesburg and is currently working on his next book; a fascinating political biography.

Nkuli Mkhize

Nkuli Mkhize is a wife, a mother of two boys, an entrepreneur and an author. Nkuli’s experiences in corporate spans across several sectors and countries, having held both senior and executive positions in Investment Banking/Development Finance, as well as in Economic Development. Before joining the Development Bank of Southern Africa in 2006, where she held several positions until her resignation in December 2014, including Business Development and Stakeholder Relations Manager, Senior Investment Officer and Head of Investment Structuring, Nkuli was the Chief Operating Officer at Wesgro, a provincial Economic Development Agency, as well as a diplomat for four years prior to that. She represented her country as an Economic Counselor at the South African Embassy in Tel Aviv, as well as Economic Consul at the South African Consulate General in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Nkuli is now the Executive Director and Founder of the Mteule Group of companies with interests in travel, investment banking, and financial services. She is a fellow of the African Leadership Initiative, alumni of the Bank Seta International Executive Development Program, as well as a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society. She has served as board and executive committee member of organizations like ABSIP (The Association for Black Securities and Investment Professionals) and COPESSA (Community based Prevention and Empowerment in South Africa). Nkuli holds both an MBA and a Masters degree in Development Finance, and her passion in life is to empower others economically and otherwise, to bring hope and self-belief in those who have lost it that they too can make it in life, and they can make it big.

Nthepo Ranape

Nthepo has extensive experience in Marketing and Event Management. She was part of the team that managed an international Anglican Church conference, which took place in February 2007 over a period of five days with over 400 delegates from all over the world. Nthepo also played an important role in the installation of Mandela into chieftaincy event, the Transnet annual results and launching of SAA's Africa Freighters. She has worked as the Marketing Officer for Africa and Middle East at SAA Cargo and worked on Product Development for the division. She organized and managed the annual General Sales Agents conference with delegations from Africa and Middle East. She also coordinated road shows for BKS, the engineering company, responsible for infrastructure development for the 2010 stadia. Nthepo holds a National Diploma in Public Relations, Public Relations Practice from PRISA and is currently studying towards Honours in Communications.

Palanga Publishing

Our aim is to assist in preparing as many learners in becoming specialists and professionals in various fields such as engineering, science, education, technologies, medicine and the like. This, in turn, will get our beautiful country to where it needs to be, both socially and economically.

Peter Joyce

Mostly African – Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa (Cape Town). I helped start Reader’s Digest book’s division at the Cape before deciding that big corporations were not for me and chose an independent career (or the illusion of such). I resigned to become a freelance writer and produced 70-80 titles for various publishers but largely for what is now Random House Penguin in CT. Output has included biography (Ian Smith, Rhodesian PM), children’s fiction, politics, home improvement, economics, sport, reference (inc an encyclopaedia) but mainly travel and history, which is my degree subject. I came to England about a year ago.

Rhynie Greef

Rhynie Greeff was born in South Africa but lived in Belgium and Britain for many years. He holds a university doctorate in economics, spent several years as a diplomat in Europe and became an entrepreneur in chemicals, minerals, sports administration and telecommunications. For eight years he was a columnist from Britain for South African newspapers. Random House in South Africa published a book as a collection of his first five years of columns. He touched on the Vronsky story in a previous book but his collaboration with Vronsky on Deception Days now presents the insider perspective and the full story.

Rolf Swart

Rolf Swart was born on 11 April 1974 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Growing up on a small-holding outside town he was always close to nature, loved sports and indulged himself in anything adventurous. His love for writing started at an early age when he tried his hand at poetry, usually directed at the fairer sex. Later on he started writing and composing music and was singer, songwriter and drummer for the Afrikaans rock band ‘Oorkruiper’ who performed at the Kirkwood Wildlife Festival and the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival amongst others. The band also recorded two CD’s. Today Rolf lives in Nelspruit, South Africa, with the love of his life, Annelie, and their three-year old son Reon. He still loves the outdoors, is a free thinker, and aspires to be a good human being and live a meaningful life above all.

Ronell Groenewald

I started writing from an early age. My love for writing was inspired by my love for reading. I love reading. I remember my walks with my dad, as we sauntered off to the nearest library for our weekly dose of fun between the pages. Plainly, I read because I saw my dad read. I am passionate about reading and always encourage my children to read, I believe reading is what makes one grow. My love for reading developed into a love for writing. As my character developed through the years, I found it interesting to know how words are shaped and used in a sentence, I wanted to form the magical world of writing, for myself - and I did. I found that in writing, one can create most anything. I love imagination, I love putting it down on paper, and that makes me write from the core of my being. We live in a very beautiful city, in Cape Town South Africa. During the summer season, our beaches are packed, and everyone who is anyone, gets out to the beach to grab a piece of the sun. In autumn our wind picks up and we are called the city of Storms! Nevertheless, we love our city, windy or not. The heart of Cape Town is rich and warm, and you can feel it in the emotion and presence of good people who often walk the streets, I love walking in the city, you get to meet so many people of different backgrounds and culture. My favorite holiday destination is The Bahamas, although I've never been there, I am envisioning myself to be there shortly. I love playing with my children, and through playing with them, I get to know them. I encourage all parents to spend time with their children - children are the Kingdom of Heaven, and it is true! I love seeing children happy, and I love entertaining them, therefore my children have inspired me to write a series of children's books.

Russel Brownlee

Russel is a transformational coach and author focusing on the healing power of pure Being. A sudden and troubling experience of nondual reality led him to inquire into the nature of the self and the path to joy. He investigated various forms of healing and transformation and found that even the ones that reached most deeply into the inner mind were unable to fully resolve pain and create lasting happiness. He has now found an approach that goes beyond fixing and improving, opening people to the liberating discovery that they are already all that they seek. His first published book, the novel "Garden of the Plagues", won South Africa's Olive Schreiner literary prize in 2006 and was shortlisted for South Africa's premier literary prize,the Sunday Times Literary Award.

Sonia Killik

Sonia Killik is a meta-physician who is deeply committed to helping people heal and lead awesome lives. Before turning to full-time writing she managed an NGO where she had the pleasure of bugging big business to change their ways. Her candid and honest approach has made her a popular guest speaker and a frequent contributor to many publications. Her first book Birth: F**k Yeah! debunks many of the myths surrounding childbirth, and is soon to be followed by Human: What to do about it. When not dancing around her house with her daughter Lulu, Sonia can be found night-running with a barely working headlamp.

Thulani Gumede

After excelling at primary schooling level, Thulani graduated to Groutville High School in 2000. In 2001, he won his school a computer in a drawing competition. It came as a huge relief for Thulani and his mom when his school awarded him a scholarship, and they no longer had to pay any school fees up until grade 12. Thulani’s dream, as a child, was to be an animator. But when he finished his matric, and having not been exposed to any art classes, he felt it was better for him to pursue commerce. After God miraculously made a way for him to study, he enrolled for a bachelor's degree in commerce at the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN), Pietermaritzburg, in 2005. During his second month of study, he gave his life to Christ, and started attending Cornerstone Church. At UKZN, Thulani saw his love for drawing replaced by Hip Hop music. He started writing lyrics and recording demos with friends, and performing in some varsity events. However, due to the stigma that comes with this genre of music, Thulani slowly pulled away and focused more on his studies. He would only record a song when he felt there was a story that was heavy in his heart that he had to share.After the conclusion of his tertiary education, Thulani got a job in the exports division with one of the biggest sugar companies in South Africa. In 2012 he married Nompilo Mkhize and a year later, they were blessed with a baby boy, whom they named Nqaba, a Zulu word that means fortress, taken from Psalm 91:2 – I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." Nqaba was the healthiest and liveliest baby, but in April 2014, he succumbed to cot death. This loss left the biggest scars in Nqaba’s parents. In reaction to pain and suffering, Thulani, after having gone through the journey of scepticism in his Christian beliefs, wrote a book, Nqaba: Grief and Hope, aiming to serve as a companion to anyone grieving the loss of a loved one. The first person to read and respond to Thulani’s book, was a lady that heard him share about his book on the radio. While Thulani tried to refuse to sell her a copy because it was before the launch date, the lady’s story softened his heart and he agreed to sell her a copy. She had been struggling for 2 years, to heal from the loss of her 9-year old boy. Four hours later, she posted on FacebookTM thanking Thulani for writing this book. She mentioned how hard it was for her to put the book down. The following day, Thulani received a WhatsappTM message from another lady who had borrowed and also read the copy he had sold to the mother of the 9-year old boy. She was also thankful for the book, and requested a copy as soon as it became available. Thulani is currently working on his next book, which should be released in the next 12 months, while offering encouragement through grief and hope.

Tim Goodenough

Tim Goodenough and Michael Cooper are the co-authors of the South African best-selling book "In the zone with South Africa's Sports Heroes" and "Raising Talent: How to fast-track potential into performance." They work as Executive Coach's and consultants in both the business world and the world of High Performance. Their work is based on applying, adapting and developing models and techniques from and based upon NLP and Neuro-Semantics whilst using the Meta-Coaching methodology. Their passion is to reverse engineer peak performance and make powerful tools and models available to fast-track the development of mental toughness, work and sport performance. After 10 years of focused effort on the sharp end of elite sport they are excited to share some of their key stories, lessons and techniques.

Tracy Gilpin

Tracy Gilpin was born in Cape Town, South Africa, a country rife with material for crime writers and a recent past of state-sanctioned violence and personal daring in which truth really was stranger than fiction. Tracy says, “I have sat in a comfy chair while a man, who a few years before had served jail time as a terrorist, poured tea for me in his parliamentary office. I’ve met a young mother who was a gunrunner, middle-aged couples and newlyweds who ran underground cells from home and plotted sabotage around the kitchen table. One woman looked like everyone’s favourite granny but broke the law regularly and never once caved in under interrogation or in solitary confinement. She also managed to raise several successful, well-adjusted children in the process. Of course I had to write about some of it.” Tracy’s formal training was in journalism and she has worked mainly in communications. She is the author of a non-fiction book, three novels and dozens of works of short fiction published internationally. Her novels have been published in the UK and Europe.

Vera Ama Ng'oma

Vera Ama Ng'oma is a Leadership, Career and personal development expert with many years experience in front row roles in international development, education, news media and airline industries. Whether working with millennials or coaching executives, Vera brings solid practical leadership insights, integrity and a down to earth approach that helps brings clarity on what will bring life changing impact for her clients. When you work with Vera or read one of her books or articles, you get a strong sense of your own untapped capability and that via a combination of grounded self leadership, robust execution and an excellence philosophy you can drive your own success. Through the Excellica Leadership group, she helps individuals and workplaces to achieve superior performance through developing excellence in leadership, personal development and an enriched corporate life.