Why Convert to eBook – The Top Non Technical Reasons.

Why would an author want their Microsoft Word (or PDF, or any other format) Book in an eBook friendly format as opposed the tried-and-trusted printed version?

The local publishing industry generally does not do justice to the smaller and growing author industry, especially if you are writing on a niche topic. Authors often struggle to get the attention their work deserves, and are often left in the dark with regards to royalties and sales performances, eagerly awaiting updates from the publishing houses that comes sporadically if at all.

By converting your manuscript to an eReader friendly format all distribution related boundaries fall away and your book is now in a format that the rest of the world can access in an instant.

Here are some non-technical reasons why you would want your book in an eBook format;

  1. Problems like postage to far-off countries disappears, this automatically lowers the cost of sale to the public, as the book being sold is delivered instantly at the click of a button.
  2. Delivery of the eBook is guaranteed where postage is sometimes a gamble.
  3. If you eBook is ever lost for what ever reason, it can be downloaded again, no worrying about that coffee stain on your favorite novel!
  4. The converted eBook is now also in a format that online publishing giants such Amazon.com, are ready to accept opening up the door for author to take back the power from publishing houses and personally monitor sales performance and royalties.
  5. If changes are needed to the book or revisions are made, updating the copy that is sold to the public is a few clicks away instead of having older copies being sold for years to come.

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